Monday, October 11, 2010

A Sunday Afternoon on Lake Erie

One of the things that me and my girls do for fun is to go treasure hunting on the beaches of Lake Erie. We have a special treasure in mind....beach glass. My girls love to search the beach for these rare and amazing treasures. They hit the beach running to find the biggest piece of the day.

I love watching them just enjoy nature and a beautiful day!

For once, Lila found the biggest piece. That made her day, her big sis usually steals the moment.

It is amazing to think how long it takes the Lake to send this glass to shore. The pieces are beautiful and each one unique. I always wonder how old this piece of glass is or how long did it live in Lake Erie. Lake Erie sea glass "true sea glass" is cloudy and all the edges are completely rounded. I love the aqua blue pieces, they are my favorite.

As we were walking back from our adventure we saw the Canadian Geese, well fall is really here on the lake.

I think we all need to take the time to enjoy natures beauties.