Friday, January 8, 2010

I was beginning to hate the snow

It has been so cold the last couple of weeks, and I don't think it is ever going to stop snowing. I miss the sun, it seems to always be grey here in Western New York.
Here is my list of why I hate the snow
1. My driveway is a mess, or what is left of it
2. It takes me 15-20 minutes to get out the door with the girls
3. My hair is always flat
4. I cannot even clean up the dog poop, because I can't see the dog. I will find a lovely mess in the Spring
5. I got stuck in the driveway this morning. The snow is so deep I couldn't even open my car door. It is always a treat to climb out the window, only to return to that wet seat later.
6. There is a permanent puddle of slush in my kitchen
7. The cats won't go outside, so they must use their litter boxes, yuck!
8. The snow is so deep in our driveway I cannot even see any neighbors
9. I always have wet socks
10. I gave up shoveling my front door, just use the back one! I am just too lazy.

BUT, last night something magical happened. It was snowing, AGAIN, and I took the dog out at 11 pm. The snow was so fine, that it looked like fairies were sprinkling glitter all over my yard. It was magical. I grabbed my camera to see if I could some how capture the beauty. The pictures still do not give it justice. I actually felt like I was in a fantasy world. So, for a brief moment I actually enjoyed the snow. That all ended when I woke up and got stuck in the driveway. Sometimes it is just nice to stop and appreciate what we dislike so much. I did choose to live in Western New York


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Make Mine Pink Friday...Making Way for the New

We're so happy to be back to business as usual in this wonderful new year. I love feeling that all things are possible. We're so happy to let you know that our exciting PINK FRIDAY events will continue for yet another year! 2010 promises to be full of fun and exciting themes for your shopping pleasure. Won't you join us each Friday as Make Mine Pink presents "Shopping with a Twist?"

The first week of January greets me with mixed feelings. I enjoyed the time spent with family and friends, yet missed Make Mine Pink and all the hustle and bustle of activity.
I was happy to get the Christmas trimmings stored away, making room to proudly display the gifts so thoughtfully chosen for me, but with the new year, comes time to clean house externally as well as internally. With the new year, we make resolutions, determined for a fresh new start. We clear out the old plans and start working on new...making way for all of the wonder a new year can bring.

The Boutiques at Make Mine Pink are experiencing the same thing. We love our planned events, and our merchandise is gorgeous - but it is time for us to straighten up the shelves a bit, look at everything with new eyes, and a fresh outlook. So this week, we are celebrating this PINK Friday with a special "Making Way for the New" shopping event. Don't be fooled by our fabulous sales and low prices. It's still our usual beautiful and unique merchandise! We just need it to go to a new home so that we can stock our shelves with new and even more exciting merchandise for the new year.

Joyce Lucas

Don't miss this once a year event! Friday, January 8th at Make Mine Pink!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Sneak Peak of our 2010 Wedding Line

We have been very busy creating our new bridal line for 2010. New this year are handmade ribbon rose shoe clips, handbags using vintage buttons, & our fou fou flowers. We are attending a Bridal show at the end of February, our first. We have always loved weddings, it is actually where CarolineAlexander got our start.

I love using vintage rhinestone jewelry in our flowers. I feel so good when I have found a new home for a lost or forgotten piece of history. I love each one, and I will never tell how many brooches, belts, and hair flowers that I have made that I just could not part with.