Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Fairy Birthday Party

My Lila turned six this month and I had to share our fairy birthday party. We love fairies and we are well equipped for this major event. Here is the birthday little fairy.

Each girl/guest must become a fairy before they enter the party. We bought cool glitter makeup and their favor was a flower headband, tutu skirt, and rainbow fairy wings. They must be fairyitized to enter the party.

While each girl was magically turning into a fairy we printed out fairy coloring pages from our website. You always have to keep these little fairies busy.
When all they fairies were ready they could have a glass of pixie punch and a fairy pretzel want. For the punch we took pink lemonade, added a touch of lemon/lime soda, and topped it off with rainbow sherbet. The pretzel wands consisted of pretzel sticks dipped in pink chocolate and white glitter sprinkles for an added whimsical touch.

Game time....we played a couple of games that were a big hit
Flower Drop: I got 3 silk flowers and a glass vase. The girls stood on chairs, put the flower to their nose and then had to land the flowers into the vase.

Find the fairy: I split the girls into two teams, each team was given a picture of a fairy to find. The first team that found their hidden fairy won the game. I just need to find a good hiding place for the pictures.

Pin the wings on the all know this game.
Note, all girls won a prize for each game even if they didn't actually win. I love the dollar store....chalk, glow sticks, and stickers are so affordable!

Next we opened presents, so fun. Now, where do I put all this stuff?

Finally....Cake. My mother (grandmother fairy) of course made the cake. I loved the roses and the edible glitter. We used one of my fairy houses as the cake top, it really turned out cute.

That was a fun two hours. I think all had a magical time. Happy Birthday Fairy Lila!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It is time for some fun...It is time for a shop hop

It is time for a shop hop at Make Mine Pink...let's have some fun. The Make Mine Pink Shop Hop starts April 25th and ends on May 1st. Are you new to the MMP shop hops?
MMP Shop Hops are a type of contest where you try to find as many “You Found It” image as you can. Each of our participating boutiques has hidden an image on its website that says, “You Found It!” on the tag. Click that image to return to Make Mine Pink and get credit for finding it. The more images you find, the better your chances of winning great prizes. See the prize list below to see what you can win!

There is no cost and no obligation to purchase anything. However, if you do happen to find some products you might be interested in, don't forget to bookmark those pages so that you can come back later! Good luck!
Jump over to Make Mine Pink and register for this fun event@