Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best of....Weddings

As all of you know, our original blog is gone! I keeps saying it because I am hoping it will magically appear again. So, I will try to recreate our favorite posts for the best of CarolineAlexander.

I had to start with a wedding we did a couple of months ago. The bride was amazing to work with. She was so flexible and really listened to all our recommendations. I asked her if I could have some pictures after the wedding. She of course hooked me up with her photographer. Jeremy Lawson was so giving, he mailed me a CD of all the high resolution pictures. He didn't charge me, he was so giving....thank you Jeremy!

I got the CD and it was like Christmas. I couldn't wait to see how our flowers looked. The bride had us make seven belts and six hair flowers. When I first saw her color pallet, I was drooling. I knew this wedding was going to be stunning. Her colors were fuchsia, tangerine, apple green, linen, and antique white. The bride wore three orange roses in her hair for the reception along with the sisters in the wedding party. The sisters all work apple green dress with tangerine hair flowers. The bridesmaids work antique white and wore CarolineAlexander flower belts at the reception. She chose two different peonies in the same coral/pink color field. We placed them on linen colored grosgrain ribbon to match the groomsmen. Just stunning!A lot of times we work with brides and never get to see the final wedding. As I looked through the pictures I felt like I was there. I saw our flowers and I was so proud. It was an honor to be apart of this wedding


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My favorite Tree

Well, I just love Christmas. It is truly my favorite holiday. I spend days getting all the decorations up. I enjoy them for a couple of days, but then the clutter drives me crazy. This year was a tough year for my family, my Aunt Chrissy passed away right after Thanksgiving. So, my spirit was a little low. I guess I am a little late on this post, but I just had to share my favorite tree before I took it down.

This tree is magical. I love the, red, gold, and green. I used an old artificial tree and took out every other layer. I weaved tons of white lights on each flat section and they stuffed it with treasures. In each middle I add bows, flowers, fruit, and anything with sparkles. I just keep adding more and more goodies until I get the look I want. And there you have favorite tree.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our New Blog

Well we have had a couple of upsetting days. Our original blog has been disabled, and we have no idea why. It is very sad, this is where we shared all our accomplishments and events for the last year. We did contact Google, but we cannot get any answers.

So, we have to start from scratch. We have lost all of our followers and all the blogs that we love. Please help us recreate our blog.

Our new blog address:

If you were one of our favorites and would like your blog listed, just send us an email! We will keep working to create this blog again