Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Make Mine Pink Friday, "Roses and Pearls"

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday February 12th 2010 as we present "Roses and Pearls"

When I think back to when I was a little girl, I remember the pretty off-white and pink pearls that my mother and grandmother wore for what I always assumed was "dress up." Whenever they went anywhere special, like church on Sunday morning, or celebrated a special event like a family birthday party, they slipped on their strings of pearls.

Sometimes they let me try them on too, as long as I was careful. I remember admiring myself in the large mirrors on top of their dressers, framed by pearls and sitting on a rose covered bedspread.

Thinking back, pearls and roses have always been a common theme in my life. Both my mother and my grandmother had furniture that was slip covered in big, bold rose fabric. Even the carpeting had sculpted roses and floral patterns. I can still see my mother and grandmother, wearing their pretty pearls against perpetual backdrops of roses.

No wonder I both love and surround myself with anything pearls and roses, whenever possible. They remind me of the times I spent with my mother and my grandmother, growing up, listening to their stories, learning how to become a woman. Women of my generation must all experience the same feelings of nostalgia that I do when they discover themselves surrounded by roses, pearls, and anything pretty. My love of pretty things extends to vintage hankies, hand-embroidered with beautiful roses to tuck into a handbag or display like a doily on a nightstand. A teacup from someone's vintage china pattern – it never mattered to me if it matched anything else in my cupboard, or if it was handed down from someone that I knew. It's the delicate beauty that captures my heart and makes it part of my collection. Feminine quilts in pink and off-white roses remind me of the hours I spent stitching and talking with my mother and grandmother. Somehow, even then, knowing that no other moment in my life could ever make me feel as complete.

When you visit the boutiques at Make Mine Pink, you'll find yourself surrounded with beautiful collections that will fill you with nostalgia for your own memories of pearls and roses.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: The Casual Cameo | Photo Contribution 2: Caroline Alexander

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  1. Women of our generation most certainly experience those feelings of nostalgia. I often visit antique shops looking for pieces that will help me incorporate a similar feeling to my surroundings at home.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a beautiful day!